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Grace was born in Glasgow in the Mid 1950’s the elder of to daughters to Mum Grace and Dad George. She has an interesting past as her mother was adopted, she actually has Greek in her blood too. At about the age of 10, the prudential man came to the door to collect his usual weekly insurance money and Grace told her mother “That man will die soon”. She obviously got a good telling off for being naughty, needless to say there was a new insurance man the following week.

Grace has gone on to become one of Essex’s best known Mediums, appearing at Churches, and Clairvoyant events around the home counties from the age of 30 as well as carrying out her private readings firstly from home (until it became clear that people could not be trust in her home) and then in 2005 along with Medium Husband Ian, it was decided to take their readings out of the home and The Reading Rooms was born. Now it is time to be back where they started and are fully prepared for your visit.

Grace does her readings each Tuesday to Saturday morning as she has a very busy Spiritual life as well as her home life with 6 children and 6 beautiful grandchildren. It was once said that Grace was the first “Ambassador for Spirit” and along with Ian works hard to ensure that the next generation of Mediums work as hard to bring respect,responsiblity and respect to their fledgling gifts as representatives of Spirit.

Private Readings

Grace has been a working Medium since 1986 and has a wonderful, caring nature. Her mediumship is regarded as second to non. The original Ambassador for Spirit, Grace works very hard to bring your loved ones messages of hope and love as well as shared memories.

Looking for guidance? Grace’s interpretation of the Tarot is gained from over 30 years of private readings.

97% of those that left a review gave Grace


Terms and Conditions


Our “Original Open Séance” ©

We hold our special evening of traditional Séance every two weeks at Gracian Readings with emphasis on Table Communication and Spirit Voice Trumpet. These evenings are proving to be very popular and are therefore very restricted in numbers. Each session we can only accommodate a maximum of 8 guests plus our resident Mediums and helpers so you should book your place asap to come along and enjoy an evening with a difference.

To date, the table has literally been spinning with communication which has in some instances left sitters in tears of joy to have direct validation that their loved ones have survived passing over to the Spirit World and are happy and revived. Don’t forget you need to book in early to avoid disappointment. The cost is just £10.00 per session and it’s FREE TO REGISTER your place. Starting Weekday: Thursday. Time: 8:00 pm (Please arrive 7:30 – 7:45 pm)

NB. If your book and are unable to attend please contact us so that another may be offered your place.


Church Services

Grace travels all around the Southeast of England serving Spiritualist Churches and Centres.

During a Church Service, The Medium acts as a visiting priest or clergyman might and has a special place within the Service. The main components being to give a brief “Inspired Address” (talk) as well as giving messages from your loved ones from Spirit.

Spiritual Centres tend to offer Clairvoyance only evening without the pastral feel.

Check out your local Spiritual Churches and Centre to see if Grace is coming to a venue near you soon…

Home to Essex’s Best Loved Psychic Medium – Grace Kennedy

Grace at The SS8 Lounge

Grace has been appearing at the SS8 Lounge which forms part of the historic Monico Public House on Canvey Island for nearly 4 years.

The SS8 Lounge offers an Evening Of Clairvoyance with Grace as well as a 2 course meal for the amazing price. The evening takes place on the 1st Wednesday of each month and consists of a wonderful 2 course meal followed by Grace’s Clairvoyance whereby she will pick by entry Raffle Tickets those to receive a message on the night. These are truly wonderful over subscibed evenings filled with laughter as well as tears so don’t forget to bring your tissues. Grace asks that although alcahol may be consumed during the evening, moderation is the key word as over indulgence has spoilt the previous evenings.

To Book, please call the SS8 Lounge direct on 01268 682707. Address: (upstairs rear of The Monico), 1-3 Eastern Esplanade, Canvey Island SS8 7DN


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Alternatively, if old school is your thing, give us a call or better still text us… 07525 360849

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