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Here’s what people are saying about my readings

I have been working for Spirit since 1984 and am pleased to confirm that 90% of my readings are through recommendation, here's just an example, you can see plenty more real life testimonials by following the link below.

Face to Face Reading

Amazed how she literally knew my life family members

Highly recommend grace. Everything she said was correct. Amazed how she literally knew my life family members and events that are happening in my life.

Such a lovely lady.


Kerry Farrer

FaceTime Reading

I found Grace to be very friendly

I found Grace to be very friendly she put me at ease straight away Grace gave me messages from my Great nan, my dad and my recently passed over husband and mentioned various other family members all the people I wanted to hear from.

I received all the answers I was hoping for and more. 


WhatsApp Reading

I found Grace to be very kind but straight to the point

I found Grace to be very kind but straight to the point which I really appreciate when receiving a reading.

She was on point with everything she said. I knew who she was talking about and was pretty accurate in her descriptions and the messages were clearly accurate based on my current life events

I didn’t need to ask questions and spirit knew exactly what my intention was and came forward to give me support in their messages.


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Once you are in the Booking System you can select a date and time to suit your needs, you can also add additional appointments .

Please note Covid 19 Face to Face Readings rules apply, face masks must be worn throughout


Enter youR Details

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Face to Face Readings are paid after your reading using either Cash or Bank Transfer. Video Readings are Paid Online using your Credit or Debit Card

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Special offer! Your Reading Recorded - FREE !

A lot of the time, clients are so emotional that they may miss some of the important things within their reading. So to make sure you don't miss out, I record readings in a .wav format and emailing them to your given email address within 24 Hours upon request. (Usually within 3 hours but just in case. Also check your junk folder as they may slip in there.)

About Medium Grace Kennedy

I was born in Glasgow in the Mid 1950's the elder of two daughters to Mum Grace and Dad George. I have an interesting past as my mum was adopted, she actually has Greek in her blood too. At about the age of 10, the prudential man came to the door to collect his usual weekly insurance money and I told my mother "That man will die soon". I obviously got a good telling off for being naughty, needless to say there was a new insurance man the following week.

I have gone on to become one of Essex's best known Mediums, appearing at Spiritualist Churches, and Clairvoyant Events around the home counties from the age of 35 as well as carrying out my private readings from home and am fully prepared for your visit in line with Covid 19 restrictions or to carry out your reading via the Internet.

I do my readings each Tuesday to Saturday morning as well as Tuesday and Thursday evenings as I have a very busy Spiritual life, as well as my home life with 6 children and 8 beautiful grandchildren. It was once said that I was the first "Ambassador for Spirit" and work hard to ensure that the next generation of Mediums, Psychics and Clairvoyants work as hard to bring respect, responsibility and reverence to their fledgling gifts as representatives of Spirit.

Medium Grace Kennedy

My Charity Work

Over the years I have worked tirelessly for national charities as well as doing many Charity Evenings to raise money, but I much prefer to work closer to home within the community like BOPH, they are a great charity working to  improve the lives for the physically disabled and handicapped and you can help too by finding out more here. I have also raised money for people like Bill who was a veteran of the Falkland's war, he needed a mobility car and we raised £1,500 in one evening for his car. There is always so much more that we can do. Here's some of my favourites.

Mental Health and Bereavement Services

During my 35 plus years of working for Spirit, I have encountered many people who are suffering for so many reasons. I have put together a list of useful websites and mobile phone apps that can help people just like you and me get through our most telling times. If you or someone around you is suffering from the above, please take a look and it may just be that you can come out the other side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of readings are available?

There are 3 types of readings available to you, (each reading is scheduled for 30 minutes but please allow up to 60 minutes) they are:

  • Face to Face Readings: Held at my Home Garden Office in compliance with Covid 19 National Government guidelines.
  • FaceTime Readings: This is a video reading. I will video call you at appointed time to commence your reading.
  • WhatsApp Readings: This is a video reading. I will video call you at appointed time to commence your reading. Please put my number (included in your confirmation) into your phones address book so that I can call you.

How do I Make an appointment?

To make an appointment, simply click on BOOK ONLINE or MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW!  you will be redirected to my Booking System where you can choose a date and time that best suites your needs.

How much are the appointments?

Each appointment cost £40.00 including your audio recording of your reading (Recordings are sent via email to your given email address with 24 hours)

How can I pay for my reading? 

If you are having a Face to Face reading you can pay on the day using either cash or Bankers Draft.

If your reading is a FaceTime or WhatsApp video reading, you will be asked to pay at the time of making your online booking using your Debit or Credit Card.

How can I change or cancel my appointment?

Changing or cancelling your appointment could not be easier. Simple Sign In using your given email address and your chosen password to enter your personal CUSTOMER AREA. Here you will be able to view your current and past readings and will be able to make any changes you need to. 

Where are you located?

I am based on Canvey Island in the county of Essex UK (Full details and directions are included in your appointment confirmation email.

Can I Book a Reading from another country?

Yes, you can. Simply select a FaceTime or WhatsApp Reading and I will video call you at the appropriate time. I carry out readings from around the world including: Japan, USA, Australia, Jamaica, Trinidad, Hongkong, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Germany and many other EU countries.

N.B. Global Readings are based on UK GMT

What are your Covid 19 standards for Face to face Readings ? 

Upon arrival a my home, you must text me to announce your arrival and I will meet you at the Garden Office Gate. Social Distancing and Facemasks must be adhered to throughout your reading. Hand sanitiser must be used before and after your reading.

After your reading my Garden Office surfaces are cleansed and sanitised and aired to allow for my next client and my own safety.

Do you do Group Readings?

I no longer do Group Readings as I am cutting back on my travelling. I may in the future carry out Video Group Demonstrations. Please check back for updates

Where can I see you live?

I am available to serve Churches and Independant venues throughout the South East of England as well as my Evenings with a Two Course meal at selected venues. Please see my events for details.

How long have you been a Medium?

I have been a working Medium since 1984, I had been sitting in circle for some 5 years along with Medium Tony Stockwell when my circle leader told me to take a Sunday Service as the booked medium could not attend and the rest as they say is history.

A Personal Message From Grace

I can honestly say I have loved working for Spirit for the best part of my adult life. It seems amazing now after all this time when as a young girl my wonderful guide "Bessie" came to me and showed me what I could do with her Spirit Friends to help others using my wonderful gift to bring hope and peace from those that have gone before us. And Bessie is with me to this day. (She's a smelly little tramp by the way, but that's a story for another day)

Our lives are full of ups and downs, it's how you react to the downs that determines how strong we are and can be. The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that those that suffer the most cope with life so much better. 

Stay safe, love each other and let your light shine.

G Kennedy

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