I Wish Everyone At This Very Frightening Time Coming To Grips With The Covid-19 Virus To Please Stay Safe And Follow The Government's Guidelines.

I Have Been Approached By Many Clients To Offer Facetime And Whatsapp Readings.

This Is Now In Place.

Discover“Spirits Ambassador”

Medium Grace Kennedy



A International Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium and Teacher to clients throughout the world. I have an unshakeable belief in Spirit and am dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be through the understanding that life goes on and we are always watched over and loved.

why have a reading from me ?

Over 30 Years experience, 8500+ Satisfied Readings 

Over 97% Five Star Ratings

and Still Counting.



*All Readings are recorded for Safeguarding purposes.

My Readings

Choose From ...

FaceTime Readings

I am happy to carry out and do Readings using FaceTime from anywhere in the world.

30 Minutes

Cost £40.00

Please note: I can do FaceTime readings just as well as if you were sitting in my home. I don't need to have a personal object or to have to touch you in order to read you.

WhatsApp Readings

Like 30 min FaceTime Readings, but you prefer to use WhatsApp, I am more than happy to accommodate you.

30 Minutes

Cost £40.00

Please note: I can do WhatsApp readings just as well as if you were sitting in my home. I don't need to have a personal object or to have to touch you in order to read you.

Face to Face Readings

Traditional One to One Readings are carried out at my home on Canvey Island



30 Minutes

Cost £40.00

about Grace

I have been seeing and communicating with Spirit since a little girl...

I was born in Glasgow in the Mid 1950's the elder of to daughters to Mum Grace and Dad George. I have an interesting past as my mum was adopted, she actually has Greek in her blood too. At about the age of 10, the prudential man came to the door to collect his usual weekly insurance money and I told my mother "That man will die soon". I obviously got a good telling off for being naughty, needless to say there was a new insurance man the following week.

I have gone on to become one of Essex's best known Mediums, appearing at Spiritualist Churches, and Clairvoyant Events around the home counties from the age of 30 as well as carrying out my private readings firstly from home (until it became clear that people could not be trust in her home) and then in 2005, it was decided to take her readings out of the home and The Reading Rooms was born. Now it is time to be back where I started and am fully prepared for your visit or to carry out your reading via the Internet.

I do my readings each Tuesday to Saturday morning and Tuesday evening as I have a very busy Spiritual life, as well as my home life with 6 children and 8 beautiful grandchildren. It was once said that I was the first "Ambassador for Spirit" and work hard to ensure that the next generation of Mediums, Psychics and Clairvoyants work as hard to bring respect, responsibility and reverence to their fledgling gifts as representatives of Spirit.


Business Hours

Daytime : Tues - Sat 9:30am - 12:30pm 

Evening: Tues 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Cost: £40.00 including FREE recording


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