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8 Things to consider when having a Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

It's always a hard one for me when I see the term "Psychic" used as few people really understand what they mean when they use the word. So here are 8 Things to consider when having a Psychic Reading.

Today,  the term "Psychic" is used to cover all aspects of an individual who provide "Readings", however the are a number of tools available to an Reader and it really does depend upon their level of Training as to which they offer you.

"Psychics" and "Clairvoyants" really tend to come together as the Psychic will be able to sense things that have happened in the sitters past relative to their life, a Clairvoyant may be able to present things that may happen in the future.

"Mediums" on the other hand are able to make a direct link to our loved ones who have past to the Spirit World and may want to communicate with you. They should be able to a least be able to describe the individual, their body shape, mannerisms, conditions, appearance and working environment. Together with any individual message that they may wish to pass on.

"Tarot Readers"  Good Tarot Readers are able to interpret the Tarot cards, not only by their known meaning but also by their intuitive interpretation, thereby giving you a more rounded reading.

And now for the conclusion:

The truth is that a Medium will also be a Psychic and a Clairvoyant, they may or may not read the Tarot but a Psychic and/or a Clairvoyant will only ever be that. So ensure you are asking the right questions.

To help you get the best from your readings, please consider some of the points below.

My Reading


What do I want from Reading?

Be clear in your mind what you actually want to achieve from having a reading.


What Psychics are available?

Ask your friends if they have had a reading from the individual Psychic.



Does the Psychic come with recommendations?



Can I see their recommendations?



Can I easily make an appointment?



How long have the been giving readings?


My Expectations

What do I want to get from my reading?



Can I record or do I get a recording of my Reading?

If these questions make you feel secure in your choice, go ahead and book.

God bless


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Hi I'm a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium and Teacher and have an unshakeable belief in Spirit and am dedicated to helping people become the person they most want to be through the understanding that life goes on and we are always watched over and loved.

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