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Grace was born in Glasgow in the Mid 1950’s the elder of to daughters to Mum Grace and Dad George. She has an interesting past as her mother was adopted, she actually has Greek in her blood too. At about the age of 10, the prudential man came to the door to collect his usual weekly insurance money and Grace told her mother “That man will die soon”. She obviously got a good telling off for being naughty, needless to say there was a new insurance man the following week. Grace has gone on to become one of Essex’s best known Mediums, appearing at Churches, and Clairvoyant events around the home counties from the age of 30 as well as carrying out her private readings from home where she started and is fully prepared for your visit.

Nov 03

Whatever Has Happened To Our Churches

Churches , Grace Kennedy

Whatever Has Happened To Our Churches Over the last few years, I have noticed a very alarming trend towards the emptying of our Spiritualist Churches. I’d  always considered it as a privilege to serve these churches which when I began over 30 years ago were buzzing and full each and every week. I can remember […]

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