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I am often asked about what it's like when we eventually pass in to the Spirit World and this is indeed a question that I have asked my guides along the years.

They reassure that it is initially very much like it is here and that we create an existence that we are familiar with although it is much more vibrant and beautiful to help our transition. Also we are always met by loved ones, friends or family. We are never left to wonder or be unsure as we instinctively know where we are.

The below book is a favourite and was written by Sir John Anderson in the 1950's. It follows the passing of a priest call Anthony Borgia and his findings of the Spirit World and it's many levels.

You may read it here and enjoy at your own pace. You will find the viewing controls a the bottom of this book or you may download it and read at home.

God bless


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Hi I'm a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium and Teacher and have an unshakeable belief in Spirit and am dedicated to helping people become the person they most want to be through the understanding that life goes on and we are always watched over and loved.

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