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What a wonderful reception from Bill and Valerie Perrott on Sunday up at The Beeches, 131 Woodbridge Road Ipswich IP42PF.

It's been literally years since I last served there, God I go back 30 years with The Beeches. Those were the days, we used to go upstairs and The Beeches was run by a lovely mature couple of ladies, Betty and I think the other lady was Olive, old friends, lots of memories. That's me getting old too, just goes to show it comes to us all if your lucky enough to reach a good age.

We used to go along on a Saturday morning and do mini Readings to raise money for the church and it was always buzzing. The changes to The Beeches are lovely to see. Bright, newly decorated and lovely and friendly. Bill chaired for me and as it was an Evening of Clairvoyance allowed me to relax and enjoy giving some wonderful messages. I truly love working with my Spirit friends and as I always say, "I'll tell everyone your business, so if you don't want me to come to you say so, because how often do our loved ones get a chance to come back and give us messages".

The evening was really lovely, Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends all came back to pass on their love and let their loved ones know they are watching over us.

We went along with our good friend and Medium Beverly Hickey (in actual fact Beverly drove us there, so kind, Thank you Bev) and afterwards of course we had to stop off at Colchester and have a meal to finish of the night. A habit I sorry (no i'm not), to say is helping to add the inches to us all. 

We went to The Albert which is a Beefeater is favourite when we are serving Colchester's Fennings Chase and Port Lane Spiritualist Churches, give a try it's lovely and clean and great food, (No I'm not on commission, well not yet anyway).

Perhaps that's a future project, Great places to eat after serving Spiritual Churches around the country. Watch this space as the say.

Anyway as my lovely guide Bessy says (she a right old tramp from the 1900's), it's time to wind up now. So God bless to you all until next time.


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Hi I'm a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium and Teacher and have an unshakeable belief in Spirit and am dedicated to helping people become the person they most want to be through the understanding that life goes on and we are always watched over and loved.

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