Whatever Has Happened To Our Churches

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Whatever Has Happened To Our Churches

Over the last few years, I have noticed a very alarming trend towards the emptying of our Spiritualist Churches. I’d  always considered it as a privilege to serve these churches which when I began over 30 years ago were buzzing and full each and every week.

I can remember being scared silly when going to do my first Church Service at Canvey Spiritualist Church here on my home town of Canvey Island, and remember being in a state of panic when I served The Temple of Light Spiritualist Church at Laindon when I learnt that a late great Medium Evelyn Flicker was in the congregation.  I have travelled around the South of England over those last 30 plus years and wracked up thousands of miles in travelling to hundreds of Churches and loved every moment of it.

These last few years have been somewhat of an eye opener for me though, churches are becoming empty?  Serving a well known mid-Essex church recently  there was 5 members of the committee and 3 congregation? (They will remain nameless to save them embarrassment). They are not alone and that is the saddest thing. All over the country, Spiritualist Churches are being left empty. These are our places of worship, celebration, love, healing, joy, upliftment, teaching, song, laughter and much, much more.

Help me if you can.

I want to ask for your help right now. Please find your local Spiritualist Church (Click Here to find), find out when they are having their next Service, go along and let me have your comments so that I can maybe do a Posting which uses some of your findings to give a truer picture of exactly where this once great movement is right now and even begin to fill them again.

It always amazes me to find that people will pay £2, £3, £5 or even more for a Clairvoyant Evening at a centre somewhere when you can go to a Spiritualist Church on a Sunday for a donation and see exactly the same Mediums. Perhaps we as a group can change that and make this movement great again.

God bless you all.

Grace Kennedy.

  • Christine West says:

    Your so right Grace, I will check out as you suggest and let you know. Thank you.

  • Editor says:

    Great Christine, I look forward to your investigations.

    God bless

  • Ian Samuel says:

    Funny enough i was having a conversation with our friend in bude tonight.. they have one there and will look to visit… but not sure what to expect.. so lets see x

  • Grace says:

    Thank you Ian, it’s lovely to hear from you. Let me know what you find and I will include as promised.
    God bless

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