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In Memoriam

Winifred Aldrich 1930 - 2019

Our Wonderful Win Aldrich Passes To Spirit.

I'm very sad to have to report the passing of our great friend, teacher and healer, Spirit's lovely long serving advocate Winifred Aldrich on Wednesday 25th September 2019, at the wonderful age of 89 years young from a massive Stroke.  She leaves behind her younger brother and sister together with many younger family members.

I have known Win some thirty years when she first came to see me at the passing of her mother and saw her regularly until her kind and gentle husband Tom passed away in 2005. Soon after we opened The Reading Rooms and Win very quickly became part of the fabric, doing her healing to hundreds if not thousands before and after the service at Cold Norton Spiritualist Church.

When we moved the church to Latchingdon, Win was there at our side and has continued to be a great friend and helper throughout our years and then at The Reading Rooms taking an active part in the teaching classes and meditation classes.

Grace, Beverly and Win at Anne's wedding

Win had been involved with Spiritualism since 1952 and sat in many circles including her own Home Circle with Tom at her side. They both were wonderful Healers and complemented each other at all times.

She was a founder of our Physical Séances at The Reading rooms and our home and along with her special guides including Ptah and Silver Dawn contributed to the successes we have had.

Win had such a loving and kind, calmness to her that you were drawn to her like a moth to a very bright flame. She oozed kindness and when she gave you healing she took all your aches and pains, worries and woes away. She had a very naughty sense of humour too and when she was on the dance floor doing her Egyptian dance she would have you in stitches.

Lovely Win with our Granddaughter Mille

Even at 89 years young, she always looked beautiful, she would tell how she and Tom had tried for many years to have children but lost each time, that she decided to dedicate her time in being as beautiful as she could and devoted herself to her Tom. Many is the time that we would play the game with new people that would meet and ask them how old that they thought Win was, of course they would always get it wrong and be seriously shocked at her real age.

She also had a love of Cats and on many an occasion in circle you could feel her cats around your legs, snuggling up to you and keeping you calm.

Win was and will always be a big part of our life and our families lives. She was never left off a party list by our kids and has seen them grow in to the people they are today.

Did you know that Win was also an author, along with her Tom they wrote and published 6 mini booklets about Tom's experiences in passing to the Spirit World and many special moments they share together after Tom's passing. I have Win's families permission to reproduce these and will be posting them to my website in due course.

In conclusion, Win's life has been filled with many and varied years, from wartime to today, always looking on the bright side and sharing her wonderful values. She was kind, thoughtful and is going to be missed my many still on their life journeys, Win's however has come to a close, but we know she will always be in our hearts and I am sure she will show her face at our séances in due course. We all love you Win and wish you a lovely new life yet to come.

God bless


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  • Hello Sarah,

    You’re right our lovely Win brought light into everyone she touched, I’m sure it will be a case of sleeves rolled up and “Now let’s get to work”.

  • Win was unlike anyone else I’ve met walking this earth. We were so truly blessed to know her and have her shine her beautiful light into all our lives. She will be sorely missed but she has gone back home to continue her work and be with her beloved Tom xxx

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